Gdynia - Karlskrona

Most convenient way between Poland and Sweden

When you want to take a nice break you park your car onboard. Relax, eat nice and fresh dishes and arrive with a good night's sleep, ready for Scandinavia or Poland. The Gdynia - Karlskrona route is excellent if you prefer driving torwards Goteborg and Oslo or going the other way to Stockholm. On the other hand higway A1 will take you from Gdynia all way to central Poland.

Three ferries, Stena Spirit, Stena Vision and Stena Alegra, run on the route, with up to three departures per day.


You'll never be bored onboard our ships between Poland and Sweden.

We really suggest a nice meal or a fresh sandwich in one of three different restaurants. After that we invite you to our Onbaord shop where prices are up to 30% lower compared to regular shops. And if you need a relax time, after all day it's a good idea to visit Pure Nordic Spa, where you will recover your energy. During night you sleep comfortable in our nicely decorated cabins.


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