Onboard highlights

The route Gothenburg - Fredrikshavn is served by three different ships - here you can read more about the time onboard.

Below you can read more about benefits and offers, cabins, stores, bar & restaurant and other activites onboard at Stena Danica, Stena Jutlandica and Stena Line Express.


In our stores onboard we always offer good prices and great deals - 
with prices that are up too 50% lower then in regular grocery stores.

You will find among other cosmetic, perfumes, candy and liquor.


When travel from Gothenburg to Fredrikshavn you can book our Plus Lounge and get:

- Seat in lounge 

- Small breakfast when
departure between

- Tapas and something to drink at other departures

- Fruit and coffé

- Prioritised em- and disembarkation at check in,
latest 35 min before departure.

Price 199:- 

( can not be combinated with our economyticket)